Audi Q7 Review

The big, posh, slick, seven-seater is a favourite at Emerald HQ but what makes the Audi Q7 such a catch? A powerful 4x4 that can tackle off road as well as it cruises through the Black Country, read our review of the 007 sorry, the Q7.

We could write a whole post on the grille alone. I mean, look at it. Go on, actually go and look at it. But, we will not, not today anyway.

Let’s start with the body of the car. for a seven-seater, it is surprisingly well-packaged, in the sense that it doesn’t feel like you’re driving a bus, but more so a sophisticated and beasty 4x4, exactly what we like! The lines are slick, it’s classic Audi and there’s loads of variations on trims and engines you can search for. Black Edition and Vorsprung are right at the top of the league but that doesn’t mean the other trims don’t have all the mod-cons you would like, they do.

The handing is designed with comfort in mind, so whether you have a car full of kids or six mates fighting over the music choice, you will still feel as cool as a cucumber behind the wheel. Little road noise adds to the ambiance and depending on which model you go for; you might find freewheeling options at high speeds. Yes, that is just as cool as it sounds. Trust us.

 The interior is pure luxury, we’re not sure that there are many other words for it. You will love sitting behind the wheel, everything at your fingertips in your fully adjustable seat with varying lumbar support. Seriously, the seats are comfier than most sofas. Depending on the age you go for, you could be benefiting from Apple CarPlay and Android Auto but even if you go for a few years old, the infotainment system will still leave you singing along to all your favourite tunes.

Overall, we love this car at Emerald, and we have a few of them in stock too! If you’re looking for a used Audi Q7 in the West Midlands, give us a call or pop in for a brew and a browse! See you soon!