BMW M2 Car Review by Team GB's Joel Fearon

The BMW M2 squeezes supercar type performance into a sleek coupe body, a signature design of the BMW M series. With this in mind is there much difference between the M2 and a regular 2 series? Complete with sleek car mods from the Black Country's DKU Performance, Joel's got his work cut out for him taming all 410BHP of the Beasty Beamer! Is the BMW M2 worthy of the hype and high praise it has thus far received from the automotive world? Sit back and relax as Team GB's Joel Fearon puts the BMW M2 through its paces in our new review!

BMW M2 3L Petrol 410bhp

Manual | Rear Wheel Drive

Acceleration (0-60mph)4.4s
Fuel Economy29mpg
Emissions225 CO2
First Year Road Tax£1,305