Category: Charity

We Gave Away A Car For Free to an NHS Key Worker!

Working in connection with the hospital and her colleagues, we snuck into the hospital on Saturday morning and hid the car under a sheet. When the time was right, we signaled for our midwife Sarah to be called towards us on a phony errand, and surprised her at work with her NEW FREE CAR!

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Emerald Delivers Meals to the Elderly and Vulnerable!

Refusing to sit at home on furlough when our community needs his help, Mark has decided to personally deliver all the free meals across the West Midlands to anyone who needs them. And because we do everything in style, we have graciously donated to him the use of our Emerald Hulk Truck!

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Emerald Meals for the Elderly and Vulnerable

We've been working tirelessly with T.J’s Cafe and Diner, preparing food for the elderly and it's time to deliver! We would like to thank everyone who has got in touch with us and nominated those in need of food. However, we feel there is still more we can do!

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