Choosing a used BMW

Who doesn’t love a Beemer?

When you’re choosing one though, it can all get a bit complicated with the models and specs – unless you’re a total petrolhead. We’ve put together some quick info about some of the most popular models so you can take a look and decide which one is for you.

BMW 1 Series

Iconic, slick and luxurious. It’s a small car that packs a lot of punch, whether you want to make a statement or bundle a couple of kids your kids in the back. That’s what’s so good about the 1 Series – it’s versatile but doesn’t compromise on style!

BMW 3 Series

The best-selling and arguably the best-looking. Bigger than the 1 Series but not crazy big, you will love the handling on this motor. Whether you want it looking sporty or sensible, there will be a model and trim to suit. Despite it being a beast to drive, it’s quite economical if you drive it right.

BMW 5 Series

Want luxury? Get a 5 Series. If you have to commute this car is your friend but be prepared for people to stop and stare as its eye-catching to say the least. It’s powerful and demanding on the roads – we love it.


Imagine the 3 Series, but bigger. And moulded into an SUV. That’s the X3. If you want more space and to be king of the roads (read: higher driving position), then get a load of the X3. Loads of boot and storage space but still fun to drive. Winner.

Zim Zimma, we got the keys to your next Beemer! If you don’t know the song, you might be a bit confused, but in short, if you are hunting for a used BMW in Wednesbury, there’s really only one choice, and that is the UK’s Independent Dealer of the Year; Emerald House of Cars – come and join the family.