Emerald enters Bangers4Ben Charity Rally across Europe!

Emerald House of Cars has entered the Bangers4Ben European Rally. Fully in support of the Bangers4Ben charity, Emerald House of Cars can officially announce they have entered to take part in a 4 day rally across Europe, in a vehicle costing no more than £650.

PJ Quinn and Chad Owen have taken on the challenge, purchasing a Mazda MX3 via ebay for £100 and spending the remaining money on getting it road worthy and ready for the race. Par for the course with Emerald, the vehicle has been wrapped in chrome green and covered in various additional features inclusing police sirens, green under lighting, leopard print seat covers, large racing wing and a boot full of costumes to drive in.

PJ, Chad and the support team left for Dover on Friday 4th October to make the ferry across to start the rally in France on Saturday morning. Their entire journey from sign up to racing shall be chronicled across their social media platforms and in a six-part documentary series released on their YouTube channel in the next few weeks. We want to wish PJ and Chad all the best on their jounry and we are routing for them!