Our First Emerald Champion is crowned!

Going into LOCKDOWN 2.0, we decided it be best to boost morale, and what better way than by CROWNING OUR FIRST EMERALD CHAMPION! 


What better man for the job than Double Olympian Joel Fearon?

Join us in celebrating together, as the winner of the belt must be the man or woman who best displays those Emerald Qualities:

Dedication to Customer Service
Passion to Deliver The Very Best Service
Drive to Be The Very Best They Can Be

Customer Experience is really at the heart of everything that we do, and this title does not represent the number of sales made, but rather the quality of care provided to our Emerald Family with data taken across a variety of metrics, including but not limited to 5 star review, video testimonials and handover pictures!

It's all to play for and in the end, there can be only one to wear our RBAND NEW Emerald Championship proudly over their shoulder! Let's watch - take it away Joel!