Part Exchange

You’re on the hunt for your next car, lucky you.

But what are you going to do with your current car?

Sell it? Flog it? Keep it? How about part-exchanging it?

If you haven’t considered part exchange before, now is the chance and you can read all about it in this blog. Almost like we planned this, isn’t it?

Part exchange is the process of putting your old car in against your new one. The value of your current car will be used as a deposit against your new one. There’s loads of benefits to doing this.

Of course it will immediately reduce the cost of your new car which is always a bonus. If you are getting a smaller car or something cheaper to run, you will be able to expect a considerable drop in the price, which your wallet will thank you for.

The process is super easy and makes light work of finding your next vehicle, completing the whole thing in one smooth and slick transaction, who wouldn’t want that?

How the process works is that you bring your motor to us and we give it a good old looking over. You can have a gander online to see what it could be worth, but we will need to see it IRL, of course.

We will agree a price and set out to find your dream car, which if you have seen our latest arrivals, you know you will be totally and utterly spoilt for choice.

That’s the process in a nutshell and it really couldn’t be easier. If you do want to have a natter about it, or find out more about the process, get in touch with a member of the team or have a look at our part exchange page here. The team are here to chat to so pick up the phone or have a wander into the showroom to find a used car for sale in Wednesbury.