Range Rover Evoque Review

The machine that bought style into the Land Rover family and one of the most iconic cars on the road today. The Range Rover Evoque. Here’s our review of this powerhouse of a car.

Launched back in 2011, this popular SUV made the brand more about glamour than the old money it had previously been known for. The Evoque is a fashion statement on wheels, boasting slick lines and a curvy exterior; quite the difference from the boxy shapes we had come to know and love from the Land Rover family.

With an exterior that is eye-catching and ergonomic, it is hard to see where this motor falls short, and it is certainly not in the interior.

Plush fabric, comfortable seats and a top spec infotainment system, you’ll feel right at home driving around in the Evoque. Whether you opt for a newer model or a slightly older one will depend on the spec you get inside the motor but even the first models that rolled off the production line were still ahead of their time.  

One of the roomiest SUVs on the market, you won’t be struggling for space with storage aplenty and adjustable seats for those with the longest of legs.  The boot will have enough room to accommodate all your tranklements, as well as a set of golf clubs!

While not known for being the most efficient or economical of cars, what the Evoque lacks in green-points, it makes up for in power-points. A punchy engine and smooth to drive, being behind the wheel is always a pleasure and never a chore.

If you’re in the market for a used Range Rover Evoque in Wednesbury, get in touch with the Emerald House of Cars family, we will find the motor of your dreams and you’ll get to spin our World Famous Paddy Roulette Wheel too!