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1991 BMW 735i Car Review by Team GB's Joel Fearon

Let's take a trip back in time as Joel tackles this Classic 1991 BMW 735i Alpina! Coated in Black, and boasting an impressive 3.39 Litre Engine, 220bhp and a top speed of 144mph, how does this early 90's supercar rack up against the hot whips and supercars Joel is more used to reviewing? Will the Alpina Body styling, sleek 90s design and blue leather seats prove timeless, or will Joel bemoan the lack of cupholders and space for his phone?

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What the M?

It’s the top spec trim and available across the BMW range, but what upgrades do you get and are they worth it? The features will vary slightly depending on the model and age of the car but the ones we’ll list below tend to come as standard.

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