Things to do in the West Midlands

Based in the mighty West-Midlands and within a meatball throwing distance of IKEA, Emerald House is central to a lot of great things to do in the area. Travelling from far and wide to see a car? Make a day of it and visit one of these nearby attractions!

Black Country Living Museum

Not quite the Time Warp you’ll be familiar with, but the Black Country Living Museum will definitely teach you a thing or two. Shops and houses from the 300 years gone by and an award-winning Chippy on site too – grab some grub before you leave!

Alton Towers

We’re singing the theme tune in our heads as we write this. We couldn’t leave Alton Towers off this list, could we? Home of the Smiler, Nemesis and the newest addition, The Wicker Man, get pulses racing and your adventure heads on – it’s one of the best theme parks in the UK.

Trentham Monkey Forest

Just up the road in sunny Staffordshire, Trentham Monkey Forest is home to over 140 Barbary macaques. They’re free to roam, as are you, so get up close and personal with these cheeky little animals and their babies.

West Midlands Safari Park

A drive through safari, hold onto your hats, seatbelts and windscreen wipers because the animals are on the loose and coming for you! It’s not quite as scary as that, there’s a theme park and a sea-lion show too. You can feed the animals if you are feeling particularly brave…

Cadbury World

We can almost smell the chocolate here at Emerald House. It seems to be a scent that travels through the winds of the West Midlands. We are going to introduce this one with five words; The world’s biggest Cadbury shop. Need we really say any more? Probably not, but we will. Self-guided tours, workshops and demonstrations, there’s loads to get your chocolate-y fingers on.

There’s just a few of the things you can do, but if you’re looking for a used car in Wednesbury, get on the blower and give us a call or pop into Emerald House and join the fam!