What the M?

BMW M Sport. What is it? Should you get one?

Find out here…

It’s the top spec trim and available across the BMW range, but what upgrades do you get and are they worth it? The features will vary slightly depending on the model and age of the car but the ones we’ll list below tend to come as standard.

The first thing you’ll notice is the shape of the car. An M Sport boasts more aggressive body styling, with larger air vents and deeper skirts to make it more eye-catching. It’s got a posh name as well - M aerodynamic styling. You’ll obviously get those glorious little M badges on the front wings, so even if the body style is a little subtle for you, you won’t be able to miss those badges.

You’ll get a different set of wheels too. The M sport models come with star-spoke style light alloys and an upgraded suspension which lowers the car by 20mm. In English, you’ll be able to handle corners better with less body roll and better tyre grip.

Inside the car, you’ll be just as impressed, with leather covering the gear stick and steering wheel – plus the wheel has a broader rim and smaller design to help with that all -important grip.

Sporty seats are one of the main attractions with the M Sport trim. Designed to improve the ride for the driver and front passenger, they’re a major step up from the trim below.

If you’re into a manual gear box, you’ll enjoy the short-shift kit which reduced the height of the gear stick - making for quick and swift gear changes.

Whether you opt for an M Sport is totally up to you. But if you need a helping hand with finding a used BMW in the West-Midlands, give us a ring at Emerald House of Cars – see you soon!