Customer name:- Bobby Bansal from Wednesbury

Vehicle:- Tiguan R-Line

Special Requirements:- Leather interior, R-Line status, Cost effective

Time from order to delivery:- 72 Hours

Bobby Bansal came to us to source a new car for his wife. She was currently driving an old golf estate and Bobby wanted to surprise her! We originally sourced a Tiguan but Bobby wasn't happy with the specifications of the vehicle. Taking this on board, we found a Tiguan R-Line and Bobby just fell in love with the vehicle! We travelled to Dorset to collect and delivered it to his (very surprised) wife within 72 Hours!

Customer name:- Florence Musungo from Walsall

Vehicle:- Vauxhall Corsa

Special Requirements:- Small Hatchback, Under £4000 total price, Payments under £100 a month

Time from order to delivery:- 24 Hours (plus 2 weeks holiday!)

Florence came to us under referral from her partner George. He had bought a car from us in 2018 - a very handy Peugeot 3008. After dishing out the £100 referral fee, we got to work sourcing a car to meet Florence's price and suitability requirements. Florence stated that there would be no rush as she was going on holiday for the next two weeks. Our sourcing team saw this as an opportunity and sourced her a lovely Vauxhall Corsa for £98 a month. The day after Florence landed back in the UK, she was in our showroom collecting her brand new vehicle - her first ever car and she loved it almost immediately. A post holiday treat from The Emerald Family!

Customer name:- Michael "John" Pratt

Vehicle:- BMW X5 M40D

Special Requirements:- Large Vehicle, Heated Seats, Full Cream Interior, Mahogany Trim, 22 ½ Inch Alloys

Time from order to delivery:- 72 Hours

Michael and his wife Teresa already have 3 cars from us, but came along with a very specific request in mind one fateful day. Michael wanted a BMW X5 M40D, with payment repackaged out of his current finance plans for his current cars. A tricky request but one we were more than up for the challenge to complete. We sourced his specific vehicle and ensured it had all the specifications he requested and worked tirelessly to make that finance work for him. Michael picked it up and drove away from our showroom happily for the fourth time! (so far!)

Customer name:- Hayden Gard from Willenhall

Vehicle:- Volkswagen Scirocco

Special Requirements:- Bluetooth, Heated Seats, Full leather interior, SATNAV, Aux input

Time from order to delivery:- 48 Hours

Local Barber Hayden Gard walked into our showroom looking for a Volkswagen Scirocco in black. We had a white one in stock, but his heart was set on black. Within 48 hours, we had sourced the car, collected it, inspected it and delivered it to his place of work with Emerald Hulk Truck in tow, making a car dropoff into a car celebration Emerald-style! “Probably the best experience I've had buying anything” - Hayden Gard on Emerald House of Cars, 2019.

Customer name:- Hannah Hupfield from Birmingham

Vehicle:- BMW 1-Series

Special Requirements:- Brand New Aesthetic

Time from order to delivery:- 72 Hours

Hannah walked into our showroom looking for an A3 2 Litre Twin Diesel. She was unable to get insurance for it, so we suggested a few other options that would suit her insurance requirements.. She quickly fell in love with the BMW 1-Series in white and we sourced it for her straight away! Within 72 Hours, she was back and driving away and her beautiful new car

Customer name:- Colin Harrison from Birmingham

Vehicle:- Audi A6 3 Litre Quattro

Special Requirements:- Automatic, Exact Vehicle in Mind

Time from order to delivery:- 72 Hours

Colin visited us with a very specific vehicle in mind; he wanted an Audi A6 3 Litre Quattro. We were more than happy to help and sourced one for him that day, collected it, inspected it to the very highest AA standard and valletted it to stunning condition. He collected it within 3 days and couldn't have been happier. No hassle, he got exactly what he wanted!

Customer name:- Daljinder Singh from Coventry

Vehicle:- BMW 3 Series Luxury

Special Requirements:- 5 Door Family Vehicle, 2 Litre Diesel, Red Leather Interior

Time from order to delivery:- 72 Hours

Daljinder walked into our showroom looking for a BMW 3 Series Luxury vehicle. We had one on site, but he was not a fan of the interior color - he wanted red leather interior and a host of other features. Liaising with our Sales Professional Joanna, we quickly sourced Daljinder the exact vehicle that he wanted and had it down at the showroom for AA inspection within 72 Hours. Daljinder and his family were thrilled and beyond happy to drive away, with finance and full service history sorted within a few days. Another fully satisfied customer at Emerald House of Cars!

Customer name:- Danny Ta from Birmingham

Vehicle:- BMW 220

Special Requirements:- Must be White with Red leather M Sport model only

Time from order to delivery:- 70 hours

Danny had been looking for months for the perfect BMW. He knew he wanted the 2 series in white with red leather and a big spec but was struggling to get that combo. We were delighted to see how happy he was when he arrived at Emerald to see it for the first time. He said it was exactly as he envisioned.

Customer name:- Vanessa from Staffordshire

Vehicle:- Citroen DS3

Special Requirements:- 'Under £200 per month'.

Time from order to delivery:- 24 hours

Vanessa contacted us after she found out about our sourcing service through a friend on Instagram. She wanted a small, black, sporty, diesel car with low tax. 24 hours later, we had her a beautiful Citroen DS3 with £0 road tax. No hassle car buying at its best.

Customer name:- Wayne Rowledge from Bloxwich

Vehicle:- Range Rover Sport

Special Requirements:- Luxury car with a big boot and a 'decent slug of power'.

Time from order to delivery:- 48 hours

Wayne wanted to part exchange his BMW 4 series for something bigger and after hearing about his sons fantastic experience at Emerald, wanted to see if we could help him.

We were able to give Wayne a great price on his part exchange and settle his existing finance as part of the deal with £0 deposit required. Emerald are so happy to be looking after the Rowledge Family now and shortly after sourced another family member a gorgeous Audi TT.

Customer name:- Jessica Deary from Stourbridge

Vehicle:- BMW Mini one 1.6

Special Requirements:- Must be Black good spec

Time from order to delivery:- 7 days

Jessica originally wanted a Fiat 500 pop, vehicle had no spec or alloy wheels etc. I informed her that there are cars out there with much better spec that fit her budget and requirements.

I introduced her to the Mini, she did not think she could afford one for her budget. When she saw the vehicle she was made up, even went to the effot to write us a 5 star review.

The vehicle came with Half leather, OEM alloy wheels, spot lamps, sports suspension leather steering wheel bluetooth, Air con etc. This is the second vehicle that the family have purchased through our sourcing platform.

Customer name:- Sarah Mallin from Birmingham

Special Requirements:- Big Boot, Cheap road tax and Good MPG

Time to locate vehicle:- 24 Hours

Not knowing what she wanted, she said to throw her some options that fit her budget. Within 24 hours I sourced her this vehicle, she was impressed with how quick i managed to find something that suited her requirements.

During our consultation, he requirements..... Big Boot, SUV Vehicle, Under 70k miles, Some spec (Bluetooth etc), 12 or 13 plate we went the extra mile and got her a 15 plate under budget.